Why Become Halal Certified?


There are a number of reasons to become Halal Certified, including:


1.To attract Muslim customers to buy your products. The 6-8 million Muslims in the US have a combined purchasing power of $170 billion. The 1.6 billion Muslims globally have a combined purchasing power of about $2 trillion. Becoming Halal certified will enable your company to tap into this huge Halal food market.

2. Halal certification enables your company to charge reasonable premiums.

3. Halal laws passed in the US require that all sellers of  "Halal" goods be able to provide documentation to prove "Halal" claims. Several states in the US have passed such laws including California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York and New Jersey. If your product is sold as Halal in one of these states your company will be liable with the burden of proof.

4. The USDA directives on Halal state that the labeling of Halal products at a facility must be done under the supervision of an authorized Islamic organization. Violating this law may subject your company to heavy fines by the USDA for making false claims or unauthentic labeling. USDA can control the Halal labeling of food under the pretense of "Truth in Labeling."

5. The majority of Muslim countries require Halal certificates with each shipment of usable goods, especially foods containing meat, to be Halal Certified by a recognized Islamic organization in the country of origin. HTO's Halal certificates allow your company to reach consumers in over 50 Muslim countries.


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Dr. Al-Absy, President of HTO