On The Organic Halal Movement

We recently came across an article in the Huffington Post about how an organic Halal movement afoot is getting people to think about where their meat comes from, but we’d like to argue that Halal meat (the products we certify at least) already does just that.

A gentleman interviewed for the article suggested most people associate Halal with the actual slaughter.

“Most people associate halal with slaughter. But that’s just the end of the process,” Zaid Kurdieh told the Huffington Post.

We couldn’t agree more. While many consumers may simply look for the Halal label, HTO pays attention to every detail from farm to packaging to ensure a quality product. In fact, we won’t approve a product as Halal if the animals are treated poorly or fed animal by-products.

Some consumers may have a preference for organic Halal products, but it is important to distinguish the difference between requirements, such as humane treatment of animals, and personal taste. For more information about our Halal standards, please visit our website.

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