Procedure of Plant Certification


1. The plant will fill an Application Form (downloaded from our website) for Halal Certification and email it to HTO.

2. HTO staff will review the information submitted and respond with a proposal and provide documents regarding the Halal Services and fees involved.

3. Once agreed upon by the plant management, HTO will arrange for one of the inspectors to visit the plant and audit the processing, fill an inspection form and make suggestions.

4. The Halal Director will inform the plant management about the results of the audit and provide analysis and decision.

5. If the plant is approved for Halal certification, HTO will issue the Plant Halal Certificate to be renewed yearly. The plant certificate cannot be used to accompany shipments of Halal products to customers.

6. The Muslim inspector will arrange with the plant to visit the facility during the first run of Halal products and supervise the Halal processing.

7. Once the plant starts processing Halal products they will fill in a Halal Processing/Production Report signed by the plant supervisor and Halal inspector and request a Halal Certificate (either for domestic or Export).

8. HTO office will examine the Halal processing reports and verify documents received (described in SOP for Issuing Halal Certificates) and issue the needed Product Halal Certificate to be sent to the processor or the customer directly when requested by the processor.

9. Copies of all issued Halal certificates will be kept at HTO, the processor/exporter’s offices.

10. HTO will invoice the processor/exporter for certifying the plant/Halal products sold.