Ingredients, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals



As the Muslim population around the world rapidly increases so too does the demand for Halal products.  More than just Halal food, Muslim consumers are looking for safe, high quality, and Halal certified processing chemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, and more.

Halal Transactions now certifies chemical and pharmaceutical products. Our staff consists of highly educated and experienced chemical engineers, PhD chemists, as well as Islamic scholars. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. You can reach our Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Division at 402-572-6120 ext. 6 or submit your questions via email at


Halal certification includes:

Pharmaceuticals including: Topical treatments, oral and suppository medications

  • Cosmetics including: Makeup and skincare

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Agricultural products

  • Processing chemicals and nutrition


Our services include:

  • Processing consultation

  • Bilingual Labeling

  • Modifying recipes and processes to comply with Halal standards

  • Developing SOP and charts for further processing

  • Assist in networking between Halal manufacturers

  • Liaison between your company and consumers / government agencies