Standard Procedure for Issuing Halal Certificates

1. The Halal Slaughterman, who has been trained and hired by the client in order to work on a full-time basis at an approved slaughter facility, fills in a monthly Halal slaughtering report or a log sheet. This report or log shall include the number of heads slaughtered via Halal kill and the dates of each Halal slaughter run.

The Halal Report will be:

  • Signed by the Halal Slaughterman/ Supervisor and a plant supervisor/ manager.

  • Faxed or emailed to HTO head office.

  • Kept in the files of both HTO and the plant for any future audit.

2. The Halal product may be shipped to one of these destinations:

  • Sold as is in the domestic USA market. HTO will issue a Domestic Halal Slaughter Certificate and send it to the customer.

  • Sold and shipped to export markets (skip to step #5).

  • Shipped to a processing plant in the US for further processing. HTO will send the Domestic Halal Slaughter Certificate to the processing plant.

3. In this case, the Halal Processing Inspector, trained and contracted by HTO to inspect processing at the processing plant, will:

  • Check the received products, labeling and documents accompanying the raw product from the approved slaughterhouses.

  • Make sure that there is a current Domestic Halal Slaughter Certificate accompanying the shipment to the processing plant.

  • Supervise the processing, packaging and labeling of the finished Halal products.

  • File a signed Halal Processing Report and send it to HTO’s head office.

4. HTO will issue a Domestic Halal Processing Certificate for the finished products and send it to the customer in the domestic market.

5. For products exported overseas, the plant representative will contact HTO to issue the export certificate by filling a special form with all needed information.

6. HTO will compare and verify all information and prepare a Draft Certificate before issuing the final certificate by checking these documents:

  • Halal Slaughtering Report

  • Halal Processing Report

  • USDA Health Certificate

  • Current location of the shipment

7. HTO will issue the final Export Halal Certificate, which will be:

  • Checked for completeness and accuracy.

  • All information are verified by HTO and approved by the processor.

  • Signed and stamped by the HTO’s Halal Director.

  • Sent by express mail to the plant or their customer directly.

8. Copies of all Halal certificates issued and reports generated are retained at HTO office and at each plant for their records.


Note: The processor will be responsible for supplying complete and accurate information about the shipment then verify all information on the Draft Halal Certificate. Once verified by the processor/shipper, HTO will issue the final Halal Certificate and will not be responsible for any errors thereafter.