Halal Assurance System


Halal Assurance System (HAS) is an integrated management system which is developed, implemented and maintained to manage materials, production, processes, products, human resources and procedures in order to maintain the sustainability of the Halal production process in accordance with the Islamic protocols. 


Each food company is encouraged to develop its own Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for its processing of Halal products and socialize it among the employees at all levels of management. SOP should include clear step-by-step flow chart illustrating all phases of processing from receiving the raw materials to shipping the finished product. In addition, the Halal SOP should be based on identifying and correcting what is called the Haram Critical Points (HCP), the same way the plant develops and implements it’s Health Assurance Critical Control Points (HACCP).


Critical Control Point or activity is a step or activity in the production process chain that can influence the Halal status of the end product. Critical activities may include: Raw material selection, receiving and storing raw products, checking labeling of raw meat and bilingual labeling of finished product, material sourcing, product formulation, added ingredients and allergens, processing (method of processing or slaughtering), tools and equipment used, cleaning of the facility, storage and handling, transportation, etc.


Halal Assurance System should govern the production of the various types of Halal products and the facilities where the products are produced and packaged. HTO has developed a comprehensive HAS for the Halal certification of plants/products/services and developed documents and criteria for the following categories listed below:



1. Criteria for Halal Certification of Poultry Slaughtering Plants


2. Criteria for Halal Certification of Further Processing Plants of Meat & Poultry


3. Criteria for Halal Certification of Processing Plants of Non-Meat Foods 


4. Criteria for Halal Certification of Non-Food Production Factories


5. Criteria for Halal Certification of Restaurants/Food Service Facilities


6. Criteria for Halal Certification of Freezer/Cooler/Storage Facilities




1. The above listed criteria will be presented to plant management at the time of their application for Halal certification and will be discussed during the facility inspection and audit.


2. The information included in these documents and all other materials posted on our Halal Transactions website are propriety materials and cannot be used by any party for publication or commercial use without the written consent of HTO’s officials.