Find Sources of Halal Meat/Poultry


Whether you are a buyer in the USA/ Canada or an importer overseas, you can write to us with your contact information and the type of Halal food you are looking to buy, and we will refer you to the appropriate source of Halal product to negotiate the terms of sale and other logistics with the supplier directly.


Some of the products we certify as Halal include:


Raw Meat/Poultry:
Beef/ bison/ lamb/ goat: Boxed meat, carcasses, bone-in and boneless quarters, primal cuts, value-added products, steaks, roasts, trim, ground, offal, tribes, feet, hides, bones, etc. The species of beef include, but are not limited to Wagu (Kobe) Beef, Angus, Hereford, Limousine, Shirley, etc.
Chicken: Whole, parts, meats, MDM, offal, feathers, paws, etc.
Turkeys: Whole, breast, thighs, drumsticks, giblets, boneless meat, MDM, etc.
Ducks: Whole ducklings, parts, boneless meat, etc.


Processed Meat/Poultry:
Partially and fully cooked chicken parts, wings, strips, tenders and nuggets. Beef steaks, roast, ribs and patties. Deli items, taco meats, roasted and smoked turkey breasts, patties, deli meats and wieners (hotdogs). Cured meats, soups, dehydrated items, etc.


Even though most seafoods are Halal and do not require Halal slaughtering or certification, some items (especially further processed food items and their by-products) may require Halal Certification. These include special cooked or smoked items or those marinated in sauces or canned in pastes, mixed with flavorings, cured or smoked aquatic species and their by-products, such as vitamins and nutritional supplements.


Ingredients/Cooking Supplies:
Cooking oil, fries, dairy products, breads, cookies, cake mixes, soups, sauces, pastries, canned fruits and vegetables, gelatin, cooking supplies, spices and flavors, etc.


Non-Food Goods:
Medicinal products, nutritional supplements, vitamins, enzymes etc.


Non-Consumable Goods:

Cosmetics, clothing, etc.