Below you will find a list of facilities and products we can certify:​

  1. Meat and Poultry Slaughterhouses, including: Cattle, Bison, Lambs, Goat, Chicken, Turkey, Ducks, Quail, etc.

  2. Raw meats of livestock and poultry.

  3. Further processed/cooked meat of livestock and poultry.

  4. Further Processed Non-Meat Food Items (canned, packaged).

  5. Dairy-Milk, Cheeses, Eggs.

  6. Animal Byproducts, Gelatin, Bone Meal, etc.

  7. Food Ingredients, Spices, Flavors, Food Additives, Food Coloring, Food Supplements, etc.

  8. Chemicals, Detergents, Cleaning Solutions.

  9. Pharmaceuticals, Medicines, Health Food, Nutrients, Gel Capsule.

  10. Cosmetics, Beauty Products.

  11. Agricultural Products, Grains, Flour, Sugars, Juices, Preserves, etc.

  12. Other Goods, including: Leather, Clothing that contain animal by-products.