Our Services 

The Halal services provided by Halal Transactions of Omaha include, but are not limited to, the following: 


  1. Inspecting and approving plants: slaughtering/processing facilities, food and nonfood factories and chemical plants and providing them with operating procedures for the production of Halal food and other consumable goods for Muslim consumption. 

  2. Hiring and training Muslim workers: Halal slaughtermen, blessers, inspectors, auditors to slaughter/bless animals/birds and supervise/check on the processing of finished products according to the Islamic Protocols. 

  3. Issuing the Halal certificates for the approved plants to be renewed yearly and enlisting the plants among the Halal certified facilities in North America. 

  4. Issuing the Halal certificates for the products to accompany shipments of Halal goods to customers in the domestic or overseas markets. The Halal certificates issued by our organization are approved by Muslim communities in the US and accredited by authorities in various Muslim countries abroad. 

  5. Promoting businesses and providing referral services by making direct connections between buyers and sellers without charging brokerage fees.

  6. Licensing our Halal logos to be printed on sticker labels or incorporated into the products’ labels and placed on packages or outside cases. Custom (not generic) Halal labels/logos are important in making the products more acceptable to the consumers and in facilitating the passage of products through the customs of the receiving countries. 

  7. Assisting companies in bilingual labeling of products in dual languages to meet the customers’ specifications and comply with governments’ regulations.

  8. Advising exporters in preparing the necessary legal documents needed for each country.

  9. Helping exporters to clear products through customs overseas in cases of concerns by officials over the documents that we issue.

  10. Providing umbrella protection to the approved plants by backing them in any dispute with others (customers, government officials, competitors, etc.) over our Halal Services through the expertise of our team of technical-know-how, Sharia advisors and legal-counselors.


    We provide these Halal Services to our customers as one package and we charge only one “Halal Fee” for all the listed services. To learn more about our Halal Services or to apply for a plant inspection, please visit our website and fill out an application form at: halaltransactions.org or email us the application at: info@halaltransactions.org