About HTO

Halal Transactions of Omaha is based in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. HTO has been committed to helping the food industry produce Halal products and helping consumers locate authentic Halal goods since 1992.
We are approved  to certify meat, poultry, food items, and other goods produced in North America by Muslim authorities throughout the world.

Services for the Industry:
-Halal Slaughtering according to the Islamic Rites of cattle, bison,veal, lambs, goats, chickens, turkeys and ducks.
-Halal Certification of meats, poultry and further processed meat and byproducts.
-Halal Certification of other consumable goods, food ingredients, additives, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
-Helping with labeling in dual languages, documentation, translation, consultation and market research.
-Developing Halal standards and procedures in collaboration with other Halal organizations and Muslim authorities.
-Promoting and advancing the Halal food concept in the market and furthering its acceptance in mainstream food culture.
-Conducting scientific field studies to test procedures and practices related to Halal slaughtering and food processing.

Services provided to the Community:
-Assisting in Da’wah programs in conjunction with other Islamic organizations to non Muslims, public schools, correction centers, local officials, etc.
-Sponsoring projects to publish Islamic books and literature to educate the public about Islam and Muslims.
-Donating to organizations engaged in legitimate charity work, refugee resettlement, development projects and food banks.
-Distribution and donation of Halal foods to local communities.
-Providing assistantships to a number of students studying in the US and abroad.
-Customer support regarding Halal services and in locating authentic sources of Halal goods.